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Do It In December

For the first 10 days of December I’m going to be creating a blog of 10 things you can do in December to start planning your wedding to keep you motivated and moving forward with your plans.
1. Start a wedding folder!
One of the first and most important things you can do to start planning your wedding is to create a wedding folder. Ring binder, scrap book, note book, anything you can keep all your wedding ideas, contacts, suppliers, colour schemes or anything else related to YOUR wedding!
This is great to help you stick to the theme your trying to create and see how it all looks as it all comes together. Great for showing ideas to bridesmaids and your maid of honour so they are on board with what you’re trying to achieve.
It’s also great to pop business cards and things from suppliers in to help you compare when your trying to choose who you wanted bring your day to life.
Take and print any photos of inspiration from wedding fairs or other weddings or evening anything find online including Instagram and Pinterest.

2. The second thing you can do this month to start planning your wedding is to SET YOUR BUDGET!
This makes some decisions easier when choosing suppliers, decorations, invitations and more. You can break this down to prioritise the things most important to you so you know what you have left for the final touches.
There are lots of things to account for when setting your budget so in your wedding folder make a list of the most important things to you for your day. Make another list of the things you would also like to have but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. Research suppliers and prices whilst you set your budget so you’re getting a realistic idea of what things cost. If it’s WAY over what you were hoping for see if there is something or a few things you could save on. Eg. A few less flowers, smaller budget in bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaids buy their own shoes, making your invitations yourself, or make your own centre pieces.
There are so many ways to save on using too much of you budget on one thing. Always tell your suppliers your budget you might be surprised what they can do for you. And don’t just stick to the first thing you find, by all means go back to it but there is so much out there to chose from and you don’t need to rush your decisions otherwise you might not be happy with the end result.
Let me know how you get on with setting your budget with #doitindecember and do message me with any questions or if you’re looking for any advise.

3. Choose the wedding party and start the guest list
Don’t forgot to use #doitindecember to show us how you’re getting on!
Now you’re engaged and you’ve told all your family and friends they’ll be excitedly awaiting to find out who is part of it all and who’s made it onto the guest list!
Making these decisions is not as easy as you might think but the main thing is to stick to what you want and your friends and family WILL be happy for you!
Bear in mind when choosing bridesmaids and ushers that too many opinions can become confusing! But saying that you may already be clear on what you want!
When choosing the guest list thing about family and close friends first and see how many you have got - you may not be able to fit all the friends you wanted depending on your venue size or you may fit your venue around the number guests you have. It depends what most important to you!
Don’t forget you can change and edit this list right up until you’ve asked them or invited them so you do have some time to think about it. You also don’t have to invite EVERYONE to the entire day - another good way to save your budget! Start with family and closest friends for ceremony and wedding breakfast and save all the other special people in your life for the evening reception!
4. Visit wedding venues, wedding fairs and reserve your date!
Today’s #tuesdaytip is all about making your wedding dreams and vision come to life. This also includes deciding on 1 or 2 venues and registry office or church. This is all personal preference so make sure you look into both. Lots of people are often surprised to hear churches have a set price throughout the country. If you don’t already regularly attend church this may be something you need to do before you can be married so contact your vicar and find out all there is to know.
There are lots of wedding fairs happening at this time of the year so do some research in your local area and make the most of it!. Lots of wedding venues have their own wedding fairs and it’s a great way to get a feel for the venue, having said that don’t be shy to go along even if you know you don’t want that venue, there are so many different suppliers and it’s a great way of getting ideas for what you want your wedding to be.
Take cards, free samples and chat to the suppliers to help give you a clearer idea of what your after and the sort of thing that works for you. They will be more than happy to answer questions you have.
And REMEMBER It’s just important to know what you DON’T want as well as what you DO want!
Ask questions make notes and add all this helpful info that’s you’ve gathered to you folder! If you find something you KNOW you want then make sure you reserve your date as all suppliers/vendors get booked up WELL in advance for weddings so you want to make sure you get your date secured! There’s nothing worst than a last minute panic and not being able to get what you actually wanted.
@hitcheduk are a great company and website to use to find a wedding fair near you!
5. Time do do some research!
Google it, go to wedding fairs, ask friends for recommendations, whatever you do start some research on who you would like as your photographer, videographer, florist, caterer and cake maker. All these people get booked up well in advance so do you research early and keep all this info and any notes in your wedding folder.
Once you’ve narrowed it down to your favourites contact them and check the availability for your date. To secure your date most suppliers/vendors will take a deposit - then you know the date is yours!
Make sure you run through the plans/timings for YOUR day with them, and ask about any specifics you might require to make sure they can deliver what your looking for.
Don’t forget you can still contact them and ask questions when you’ve booked if there is anything you’re unsure of. It’s also important to like the person you chose for any of these things to make it easier for you on the day and make it all run smoothly in the build up! 🍴
How are your wedding plans coming along? Use #doitindecember to let us know!
6. Go dancing and eat cake!

Today’s #doitindecember is a great one!
At this time of year there a lots of Christmas parties and New Years Eve events therefore lots of local bands playing at different locations. Whether it be a ticketed event or live music in a local pub there’s lots on. So check local wedding bands and venues to see what events they have coming up. Most of them will advertise on their instagram and Facebook pages for their upcoming events. This might be a good way to check out some venues at the same time! Go with friends and keep your wedding in mind whist you dance the night away! 💃🏼 🕺🏼
Eat cake! Cake tasting is pretty important… well I think so anyway! You don’t want a cake that looks great and the taste doesn’t match so once you’ve found someone you might like to use, ask them to do you some samples. There are so many different flavours and options out there now too - you don’t have to stick to ‘traditional’ you can make it your own!
Facebook community boards are a great way to ask local people for recommendations if you’re not sure where to start!

8. Choose your invitations and ‘save the date’ cards

Today’s #doitindecember is about letting your guests know they’re INVITED!
Save the date cards are a great way of making sure your all day guests will be there. They’re perfect for family members and close friends to let them know they’re invited and so they can make sure the keep the date free. These should be send out 12-8 months before your wedding day and all they need to include is:

  • who’s getting married
  • the date of the wedding
Invitations need to be sent out 2-3 months before the day. You might have some all day guests and some evening guests so you will need two different prints for these. Your wedding invitations should include:
  • Who’s getting married
  • Date Of the wedding
  • Time and location of the ceremony (all day guests)
  • Time and location of evening reception
  • How to RSVP
  • Wedding website details
There are so many great stationary companies out there that will personalise your invitations and save the dates just how you want them. They can often do place names and things too which can be a great way to tie it all together on the day.
❗️Its SO IMPORTANT that you check, double check, triple check and check again to make sure you’ve given your guests the right info.❗️

9. Book your suppliers/vendors

#doitindecember You’ve looked around and chosen a date now it’s time to choose your favourite and reserve your date before its gone! This can also include you hair and make up 🧁
If there is something your still unsure of ask you other suppliers. We are all used to working with other people and may be able to recommend somewhere or someone!

10. Choose your RINGS 💍

The last of my #doitindecember tips! Don’t forget you are planning on wearing this ALWAYS so make it GREAT!
When choosing your rings don’t forget that lots of jewellers often offer and special deal or discount if you purchase your rings from the same place as the engagement ring - another great way to save on your budget!! Also a nice way to make sure your engagement ring matches well with your wedding band, ladies.
There are lots of shapes and styles out there for men and women so do have a look around! My husband and I wondered the streets in #hattongarden to find ours and ended up getting them in different places.
As always don’t forget that there are lots of lovely local jewellers too! Or you may even use a family heirloom!

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